When you don’t CHASE a Narcissist

A narcissist will come back angry with YOU because you didn't chase after them. They'll start some asinine argument, storm out and do whatever they truly want to do, then come back upset with YOU. Does this sound familiar? 

They come back saying things like “oh you must not care about me because you didn't come after me”. Like you don't have other things to do than deal with some self-absorbed immature adult child. The funny thing is they didn't sulk or seem upset while they were posting snaps with their friends and out chuckling it up. They only directed that anger and ugly behavior towards you. This is actually a sign of subconscious conditioning. An old one, but a very effective one. It's the cycle that they continue to put you through until you either walk on eggshells with everything you say or do, or you accept everything that they say or do.