5 Signs That This Is A Rebound...Guaranteed


In today's blog I am going to give you five ways to tell that your ex is in a rebound relationship, guaranteed.

The first sign is that the relationship moves really fast. If this person was with you for a really long time and within about the first month of being with someone else they're already getting posted on social media, they are doing things that you guys used to do, and it seems like they're trying to replace you, then most likely it's a rebound relationship. They have not taken the time to heal and what they're doing is they are subbing this person in.

If you weren't doing things correctly, if you were becoming uncentered or becoming a toxic person to be around, most likely they were already thinking about rebounding with someone else. They probably had someone else in their sights and when you guys broke up they decided to go ahead and give this other person a chance.

The second way you can tell is if this person has been with this person for a little bit of time now. It may have moved fast in the beginning, but that next stage they're going to is going to stagnate really quickly. It's just going to hit a wall where all the trips they were taking, all the food they were going out to eat, all the movies they were going to, everything that they did while the relationship was fresh is going to all come to a screeching halt.

This is when the relationship is actually going to get tested the most because they're going to have to find new ways to connect instead of all the escapism activities that they were doing before. When people go into these relationships and the relationship goes really fast, it's most likely that they're trying to forget something. They're trying to replace you and keep their mind occupied so they don't have to feel it.

The relationship usually starts to stagnate. The pictures will stop being posted online. That's when you start to see the reboundee start to become a little bit suspicious and ask questions. They think it was a match made in heaven, but now all of a sudden that changed and they have started to become concerned. That's when your ex, who's the rebounder, is going to start feeling a little bit of pressure to make the relationship more than what they actually intended for it to be.

Another sign that this relationship is a rebound is they start to show obvious signs that they still care about what their ex (you) is doing. If you catch them checking your social media account or paying attention to updates in your life then that's a sign that this person is still really committed to you emotionally. They still care about you.

The fourth sign that this is guaranteed a rebound, which I think is probably the most important one, is if they were in a relationship with you for a substantial amount of time and the person that they decided to get into a relationship with now is a complete opposite of you, it's most likely a rebound. They start to long for what they don't have and they're thinking that the grass is greener with another person.

The last sign that this is a rebound relationship is they fail to open up to the rebound emotionally. If they haven't met this person's family yet or vice versa then most likely they're thinking that they’re going to live in the moment. They don't want this thing to go too committal or too extreme.They're trying to heal from you while they're with this other person and honestly they're pretty much using the rebound for emotional support.