THIS Is An Immature Statement

I don't necessarily agree with a person never loving you.

I've worked with thousands, at this point, thousands of women, that have all told me when they leave you finally, they've already checked out mentally. The future that they thought they had with you, they've grieved that part already. At some point, you must have seen that things have changed. There's a point in your relationship, where she wasn't as affectionate, where she wasn't as loving, where she wasn't as in love with you as she once was. For example, people who go through divorce, people who have kids together, who were together for 10-15 years, they've given each other their best years of their life or “best years” if you want to call it that. They finally got to the point where they feel like their life is just headed in a different direction. There must have been a point where you stopped showing up or she stopped showing up. Think about empty nester syndrome, how when the kids finally leave the house, they're looking at each other and they're saying, I don't think we have anything in common anymore.