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3 Ways To Tell a Persons Attachment Style Early

In this video, Coach Court talks through 3 ways you can tell early on in the dating stage, which attachment style your potential partner might be. In each scenario Coach Court gives examples for 4 of the attachment styles: avoidant, anxious, fearful avoidant and secure.

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How to Re-Attract A Dismissive Avoidant

In this video, Coach Court revisits a topic he discussed 3 years ago, 'how to re-attract a dismissive avoidant'. He discusses who and who wouldn't benefit from this advice. He also walks thru a couple subscriber comments from folks in similar situations.

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How I HEALED My Anxious Attachment

In this video, Coach Court walks thru his own experience starting out as an anxious attacher, how that transitioned to fearful avoidant tendencies and how he ended up as a mostly secure attacher, now. He discusses his educational journey and how that lead him to coaching. He also walks thru his healing process, the steps he started on back then and what he still does today.

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