5 Relationship Truths That Could Change Your Life

Here are my five relationship truths after 27 years:

  1. You can't change anyone, it has to come from within them. There are a lot of people out here who can't change themselves, so what makes you think that you can?
  2. People fall out of love. Even though you're married, even though you've been committed for years, if you aren't intentional about keeping a strong connection, that love will be lost.
  3. All relationships have stages. If you're not aware of what those stages are during your relationship, you'll become delusional at what a healthy relationship should look like.
  4. Hollywood lied. You see how the rom com genre is pretty much dead? It’s because the things that they were pushing and those outcomes from those movies, aren't what actually works in reality.
  5. Past traumas are affecting a lot of people’s relationships. Even though we feel like we may have healed, there may be interactions or events that subconsciously trigger us. If you learn to practice meditating on the root cause of those issues, then you may be able to stay present, push through, and have a healthy relationship.