Ex came back after rebound!!


In today’s blog I want to give you a success story from one of my previous coaching clients. I did a series of coaching sessions with this guy back in October of last year and he ended up getting his ex-girlfriend back.

He reached out to me because he was having some issues. He's an anxious attacher so he was really struggling. He had no clue who to turn to. He reached out to several different coaches in the YouTube community and I was his second or third guy he reached out to.

He had an issue with getting a little needy and clingy. His ex-girlfriend got into a rebound relationship and he didn't know what to do. He panicked, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. He had these wandering thoughts about her being with this guy and so he was really struggling. He was texting me all the time and was having a hard time with boundaries. I let him know that this is something that is more of a long term deal.

I'm going to get to the message that he sent me. 

“Morning coach. I'm excited to tell you that I got my ex back thanks to your coaching. I know I might have been getting overwhelming over the weeks, but you were a godsend. I had no clue what attachment styles were until I came across your YouTube channel and our sessions made it a little bit more apparent. Everything made so much more sense and I can't believe this isn't more talked about. She was in a rebound relationship and a video you did about the anxious attacher blew my mind. She completely blasted me on social media and jumped right into a rebound relationship with a guy after we ended our three-year relationship. The exercises and homework we did together helped me tremendously. I was able to center myself when I felt myself getting out of line. She reached out to me last weekend and I asked her if she wanted to get together like you instructed me to. She came over right away. I asked her if she was concerned about Covid and she said she trusted me. Let's just say we reconciled. I know what you're going to say and no I didn't talk about getting back together or bringing up the rebound guy. I've realized my value again. Thanks coach. You can share this story and I hope that it helps you as much as you helped me.”

That's a great success story. I don't share too many stories because I value peoples’ confidentiality, but he thought this would be a good testimonial to share.

What made him different and made him a success was he bought into the coaching and did the work. He was dead set on getting his ex back and it looks like it happened. He just has to continue to do the things that we talked about. Continue on the right path and keep working on himself. We set some goals for him and that's how it worked.