Give Yourself Grace

So, another relationship didn't work out. Another person wasn't who you thought that they were, and another relationship wasn't what you thought that it was. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to give yourself grace, because how are you supposed to know what healthy relationships look like if you've never seen them or you've never been in a healthy relationship yourself.

So, give yourself grace learn what you need to learn, take away what you need to take away from this relationship, because there are no failed relationships. It's only learning lessons; this is where you start your growth.

I've had people say before, ‘I'm tired of growing’, ‘I'm tired of having to heal from all these breakups’. Well unfortunately when you get into relationships, this is the risk that you run. You just have to enjoy the moments when you have them, and hopefully that person is on the same page as you.