Why Do You Want Your Ex To Miss You?

So you want your ex to miss you, but you don't want them back? Why is that? I'm going to tell you why right now, but before people start jumping in the comment section saying I want my ex back because I love them, and I miss them, this video isn't for you. This video is specifically for the people who didn't want their ex anymore in the first place and the ex broke up with them first, and now they're wondering, ‘why in the world do I miss them’. 

Number one is probably because of the companionship that you had with that person. It's hard to replace best friends and if you were in communication with this person all the time, they probably felt more like a best friend.

Number two, your ego is probably bruised. How in the world can this person dump you, when you were already thinking that you didn't want the relationship anymore. So you probably should get the ego in check. Wayne Dyer said “when you let ego get in the way, you E-G-O, you edge God out”.