Can A Fearful Avoidant Heal?

If you're someone that gets into relationships and shows up very intensely in the beginning, then something happens within that relationship that spooks you and causes you to run away. Or even if you're in a relationship with someone that showed up very intensely, then something happened that caused them to break up, and now you have this on and off again dynamic with that person, you may have or the person that you're with, may have a disorganized or fearful avoidant attachment style. Let me empathize with you, it's not your fault, because usually when someone has that type of attachment style they grew up in environments that were very emotionally unsafe or even the community that they were in felt very physically unsafe at times. The good news is your attachment style can be healed by forming a safe and nurturing relationship with a therapist or a clinician. The bad news is if you're in a relationship with someone and they show up this way or have this type of attachment style, your relationship may become very volatile until they do the work and learn how to show up in a vulnerable and healthy manner.