Dismissive Avoidant: How Long Do You Wait To Break NO CONTACT?

How long to wait before you reach out to a dismissive avoidant after a period of no contact or if you've broken up. 

Before we get into the video, I'm going to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer. I don't recommend reaching out to any type of person who you’ve had an unhealthy dynamic with. This means poor communication, a little bit of toxicity or a little bit of volatility, where you felt unsafe in that relationship. I never recommend going back to that type of dynamic. For those where this wasn't the case, continue on for the video. 

The amount of time that I’ve seen work the best in the past, that had the most success, would be 6 to 8 weeks. Now I know people are going to jump in the comment section and say ‘why would I wait 6 to 8 weeks to reach out to anyone or to reconcile with anyone’. It's because for the avoidant, they process things a lot slower than other attachment styles. It takes them 6 to 8 weeks because they're usually repressing and trying not to feel their emotions within that first month, at least. The degree of avoidance also plays a big part in how long to wait. Sometimes you may have someone that may be a tad bit avoidant and just needs two weeks, but for those who you consider to be a lot more avoidant, they're going to take time to process, they're going to need to repress. In that time, you can't expect for them to try to exchange the things that you own. You can't expect for them to be gung-ho about signing that divorce paperwork for the divorce that they actually wanted, because they're still repressing. You may not even get the keys to your house back right away. So, since this is the dynamic that you chose to begin with, this is going to be a healthy reconciliation time period. If you try to do things too quickly, you may just push them right back into their shell. They're going to clam up more, because things that are emotionally charged and they feel deeply about, they try to avoid it.

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