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Growing Up As A Dismissive Avoidant Woman

In this video, Coach Court chats live with a guest who identifies as being a dismissive avoidant. They talk through her childhood and her previous relationships. The conversation closes with some very insightful retrospective from the guest that just may help others. The conversation is candid, thoughtful and honest.

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Pushed Avoidant Away

hi let me turn my my speaker down it's nice to meet youcan you hear me yeah where are you from California California like 30 minutes from San Francisco okayhow'd you find myself yeah how did I find it um just trying just looking looking at trying to just know more about avoidance and I learned about attachment Styles and I just wanted to um you kind of came up on the feed and um I like your energy and I like how your your approach and I just like that you're very um straightforward and the things that I've learned from your channel I've implemented and have worked okay um however um you know I I'm still anxious anxious...

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